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Quality, regular maintenance is key to keeping your elevators reliable and safe. Choosing Northwest Elevator for your regular preventative maintenance programs will ensure the satisfaction and long-term safety of your passengers.

When your equipment is down, the impact cannot be denied. Without elevators to facilitate movement of people and things, elevator owners incur, both, tangible and intangible expense. While some business models may be able to calculate the cost of down-time per hour, many facilities may never know the true cost of their equipment downtime. Intangible losses include the number of patients who were delayed in accessing hospital facilities, the frustration of a mother with small children as she carries them up five flights of stairs for the fourth time this week, or the elderly person who cannot access their residence. While these costs are hard to measure, these are the kinds of issues that may cause patrons to consider doing business elsewhere with more reliable access. As a business owner serving the public, ensuring accessibility may be your legal responsibility.

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From Elevator Repair or Service to Regular Maintenance Plans and Modernization, Northwest Elevator has you covered!

Full Service Contract

Parts Coverage

All components are included.  Meaning the contract covers failed components that need to be repaired, adjusted, or replaced.  The flat fee your pay monthly acts as an insurance policy for each piece of equipment on the elevator.  You don’t pay for the cost of material or labor required for a repair.

Preventative Maintenance

This would include proactive preventive maintenance to examine, lubricate, adjust and document the condition of the equipment.  The documentation would help to monitor the expected cycle of components to repair them before failure. This should at least follow the manufacturer’s spec and elevator code minimum requirements.

Partial Service Contract

Parts Coverage

All components are included except “major” components.  The definition of “major components” will vary from each company.   This means the contract covers failed components that need to be repaired, adjusted, or replaced only if they are non-major components.  You will be required to pay for both the material and labor to replace, adjust or repair the major components.

Parts Coverage

The proactive preventative maintenance is usually still included for all components. The contract won’t cover the cost to replace or repair.  This may vary.

Oil & Greace Contract

Parts Coverage

None. All repairs or replacements are excluded.  You pay the full cost for material and labor for all components.

Parts Coverage

The proactive preventative maintenance is usually still included for all components. The contract won’t cover the cost to replace or repair. Typically, this type of contract has a limited amount of time on site.  

Role of Elevator Preventative Maintenance

All things considered, the costs associated with equipment downtime generally outweigh the cost of regular scheduled maintenance. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that that ‘big breaks’ often require ‘big fixes’ and sourcing parts at a moment’s notice can be challenging.

Elevators are complex systems with many interdependent parts, many of which represent potential points of failure. Regular assessment of each of these components allows you and your maintenance provider to anticipate wear, stock parts and identify potential hazards before they become imminent. If your elevator is operating in a moist environment, checks should be performed regularly to ensure that the potential for corrosion is kept to a minimum.

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Asset or Liability?

If you consider your elevator an asset in your business but neglect to ensure the safety of the person(s) using it, your asset could become a liability. Without proper maintenance and strict adherence to BC safety codes you could be held responsible in the event of an incident. Our technicians are all trained, certified and familiar with provincial safety code requirements.

In order to ensure that your equipment maintains its standing as an asset it needs to be safe, and it needs to be operational. We are passionate about the services that we provide to our clients and consider it our job to relieve the sense of overwhelm that can accompany a break-fix approach to maintaining your valuable asset.

The Prevention Approach

Rather than wait until an elevator is unusable to service it, we recommend working with us on a long-term basis. When you undertake a preventative maintenance agreement with us, you can expect regular documented inspection of all of your equipment. Components of your elevator will be assessed routinely for signs of wear and to ensure smooth operation with limited downtime.

While parts replacement could result in temporary pause in service, brief interruptions of service decrease the likelihood of your elevator suffering catastrophic failure and being unusable for hours or days. Customers take comfort in seeing our professionals actively maintaining the elevators to ensure their safety ,and business owners can freely attend to other aspects of their business without hesitation.

Checking Your Elevator

Our licensed professionals are experienced in maintaining various types of elevators and machine equipment. We begin with an itemized list of maintenance checks that are universally required, and tailor the maintenance protocol to the needs of your particular elevator. A daily list of items that should be reviewed and recorded in a log includes, but is not limited to:

Inside and Outside the Elevator:

  • Visually inspect the inside of the cabin for signs of damage or disrepair, including the ceiling.
  • Check all light sources for irregular flickering/flashing or outage and replace these bulbs as needed.
  • Ride the elevator in order to assess the accuracy of the stopping points and speed of operation.
  • Ensure all buttons are functional.
  • Assess door and fender for smooth operation.
  • Speakers and displays should be checked for operability.
  • Emergency and Fire button/triggers should be checked for signs of damage or misuse.

Reliable Professionalism

Your professional service person is trained to undertake a more sophisticated assessment of your elevator, which requires going further than a visual assessment. Lubrication levels and purity of oils should be regularly reviewed to ensure that there are no environmental contaminants, which can affect the functionality of the entire mechanism. Listening for unusual sounds or vibrations and identifying leaks immediately protects your continued investment and the safety of your elevator system. Our techs are accountable to you to maintain your equipment with diligence and care. We provide full documentation of every service or inspection that we complete, and we guarantee safety code compliance.

If you have questions about how our services could meet the needs of your business, our office would be pleased to take your call.

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